Maria La Sangre is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Chile (1993). 

Her line of work is called Spiritual Eroticism, where she's interpreting and documenting new imaginaries about sexuality in modernity. She lived 10 years in Argentina, where she studied fashion design and began her self taught photographic path, shooting intimate connections in her life and community.


2024 ImageNation New York, International photo show, March 29-30-31, One Art Space, NYC, USA

2024 Ephemeral Threads, Fora Arts Collective, Gallery MC, January 5th NYC, USA

2023 ImageNation Paris, Just Women Exhibition, International photo show, Galerie Joseph, Paris, France.

2023 FLASH #12 - A Burst of Color, online exhibition by Decagon Gallery, Brooklyn, USA.

2020 - 2021 Eros & Photography - Part I : Behind Desire, Chaussee 36 Photography, Exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

2020 How deep is your love?, Nue Galerie, Group exhibition in Paris, France. 

2019 Revista Dislexia, Group exhibition, Tercer Premio, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2019 Keep Gazing, Roman Rea Gallery of the University of York, United Kingdom.

2018 Amor Libre, Collective exhibition at Sandro Estudio, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2018 Amor Libre, Collective exhibition, Ciudad Cultural Konex, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2018 Cruda, Fardo, Photography group exhibition, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2018 Furia, Fardo, Photography group exhibition, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

2017 FTCH book, Photography exhibition and book sale, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2017 Paralela Virtual, Audiovisual exhibition and installation, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2017 Paralela Erótica, Audiovisual and photography exhibition, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2016 Paralela, Collective Exhibition, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Printed publications

2024 The Secret Door, "Women", Collective fanzine N1, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

2024 Nhudes Magazine, Vol 7, Printed photography magazine by ObentoPress. Barcelona, Spain. 

2024 The Holy Hour, An anthology about Sex Work, Magic & Divine, Book by Working Girls Press, New York, USA.

2023 The Secret Door, Collective fanzine N1, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

2023 FLASH #12 - A Burst of Color, printed catalog by Decagon Gallery, New York, USA. 

2023 Petite Mort Magazine, Vol 7, Printed magazine, New York, USA.

2023 Revista Dislexia - Cuerpx, Printed photography magazine. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2021 Issue 002, Letargo Magazine, Printed photography magazine, Chile.

2020 Photobook EROS & PHOTOGRAPHY - Part I: Behind Desire, Chaussee 36 Photography, Germany. 

2018 Iglú 11, Analog photography fanzine , Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2017 Iam100, Collective Fanzine, Paris, France.

2017 FTCH book, Erotic book, frontape, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2017 RGSP Magazine, Collective Fanzine, París, France. 

Online features 

2018-2023 Photo Vogue Portfolio

2023 Vogue Italia, published images in a digital article by Francesca Faccani. Italy. 

2021 Prisma - Revista Dislexia, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2019 XConfessions by Erika Lust, Artist Gallery, USA.

2019 Pink things Mag, interview, digital magazine from USA. 

2018 Curated by Girls, interview, digital magazine from USA.

2018 Vulvate Cola, Feminist magazine of sexual education Nº1, Valparaíso, Chile. 

2018 Feria Migra, Exposition and print sale, Buenos Aires. Argentina

2017 “Children of Venus”, Pornceptual, Online Magazine, Berlín, Germany.

2017 Blasfemia Magazine, digital fanzine, Santiago, Chile.


2022 Issue 002, Letargo Magazine, Chile.

2018 Contraluz, Digital Interview, Valencia, Venezuela.

2018 Raro Magazine, Digital Interview, Santiago, Chile.


2023 Sugi X Nava Photography Contest, 1st place in Contemporary art. USA

2020 Revista Dislexia, Photography contest, 3rd prize. Buenos Aires, Argentina



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