Maria La Sangre is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Since 2013 is creative and designer at the underwear brand NUMINA. Her background is in photography, fashion design and content creator in mixed medias. 

All the images talk about visual poetry and magic from a unique point of view.

Press and Collaborations

  • Raro Magazine, Interview, Santiago, Chile. 2017
  • Blasfemia Magazine, digital fanzine, Santiago, Chile. 2017
  • “Children of Venus”, Pornceptual, Online Magazine, Berlín, Germany. 2017
  • RGSP Magazine, Collective Fanzine, París, France. 2017
  • FTCH book, Erotic book, frontape, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2017
  • Iam100, Collective Fanzine, Paris, France. 2017
  • Iglú, Analogic photography fanzine , Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2018
  • Nhudes Hardcore, fanzine, Paris, France. 2018
  • Contraluz, Digital Interview, Valencia, Venezuela. 2018
  • Vulvate Cola, Feminist magazine of sexual education Nº1, Valparaíso, Chile. 2018
  • Curated by Girls, interview, digital magazine from USA. 2018
  • XConfessions by Erika Lust, Artist Gallery, US. 2019
  • Prisma - Revista Dislexia, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2021
  • Revista Dislexia - Cuerpx, Printed Magazine. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2023
  • Petite Mort Magazine, Vol 7, Printed Magazine, New York, USA. 2023
  • Photo Vogue Portfolio, 2018 - 2022


  • Paralela I, Collective Exhibition, Buenos Aires. 2016
  • Paralela “Erótica”, Audiovisual and photography exhibition, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2017
  • Paralela “Virtual”, Audiovisual exhibition and installation, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2017
  • Furia, Colectivo Fardo, Photography exhibition, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2018
  • Cruda, Colectivo Fardo, Photography exhibition, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2018
  • Feria Migra, Exposition and print sale, Buenos Aires. 2018
  • Amor Libre, Collective exhibition at Sandro Estudio, Buenos Aires. 2018
  • Keep Gazing, Roman Rea Gallery of the University of York, U.K. 2019
  • Revista Dislexia, Collective exhibition, Third Award, Buenos Aires. 2019
  • Eros & Photography - Behind Desire, Exhibition in Berlin, Germany. 2020-2021
  • How deep is your love?, Collective Exhibition in Paris, France. 2020
  • ImageNation Just Women Exhibition, Paris, France. May 2023 



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