Availability in July & August in New York City

My art work is based on connection, this allows me to deeply portray you and explore new ways of sensibility about the body.
I began in 2015 to take self portraits to become closer to my image and relationship with my body. After that I have photographed a lot of different people, most of them were portrayed for the first time by me, wanting to have another perspective on themselves.
I think photography is not just a way to immortalize an image, is a way to express ourself and heal the body and soul.
All the photos are different since I do something special for each person. 

Thank you for the interest on my artwork

Basic Photoshoot $250

1 look & 15 high quality images, mostly portraits

The location is included in my studio
in Ridgewood

$100 deposit to reserve a date

Full Photoshoot $400

2 looks & 30 high quality unique photographies. It can be with clothes, lingerie or nude

The location is included in my studio. If you like a different location it can be, only for NYC

$100 deposit to reserve a date

Luxe photoshoot $600

3 looks & 45 unique high quality photographies in 2 hours session

The location is included in my studio, but we can do it in a hotel room or your home.

$100 deposit to reserve a date

Any extra change you want need to be discussed before the shoot

Friends & Lovers $600

Can be a conceptual photoshoot,
lingerie or nude & 30 unique and intimate shoots of both from my point of view.

We can do individual portrays and tell
a story with interaction. I help with most of ideas for posing, there is no experience needed. We can use my studio, rent an hotel room or in your place.

$100 deposit to reserve a date

Photoproduct & Commissions

I have experience shooting products, lingerie, objects with a magical eye working with fabrics and organic materials. 

The price depends of the product
and the quantities. 

Conceptual & Magical content

Mostly focused on artists or healers who need content for their networks or portfolio. 

I work with symbolism, colors and light to speak a language with my images.

Open to commissions and collaborations

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